Arraignment Postponed for Beating Suspect

Dixon, right, is escorted to jail.
Dixon, right, is escorted to jail.

Police tell us tonight they are still gathering evidence against a man they say attacked two elderly women last week. Last night police escorted William Dixon out of the police barracks on Habersham Street and took him to jail.

Dixon is charged with beating 82-year-old Etta Dickey at her home on Talahi Island, and he's charged with attacking his wife's 77-year-grandmother at her home in Bloomingdale. Police say he hit her with a frying pan.

The Bloomingdale victim is out of the hospital, but she's still recovering from head injuries. Etta Dickey from Talahi Island isn't doing nearly that well.

We spoke with Dickey's 81-year-old brother on the phone today. He said she is still in a coma and on a respirator. She's scheduled for a CAT scan tomorrow to find out if and how bad her brain has been damaged.

Police say Dixon beat Dickey with a brick and left her for dead last Tuesday. No one knew she was hurt until last Friday. Her brother told us Dickey hired Dixon several weeks ago to repair her dock. He doesn't know why Dixon came back or why he hurt her.

Dixon was supposed to be arraigned in court today. The hearing was postponed until tomorrow.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,