Manhunt Continues for Florida Escapee

The search for an escapee from Florida has shifted to Bryan County. Federal and local authorities started their manhunt for Dominic Reddick last night in Chatham County near I-95 and Georgia Route 204. Since then, the search has moved to Richmond Hill.

Reddick, 22, was being transported to court in a van when it broke down on Monday near Orlando. Police say he escaped and contacted his brother who then brought him to Chatham County.

A US marshal spotted Reddick near US Highway 17 and Route 204. That's when the chase began, and it still continues tonight. Dozens of officers from the Georgia State Patrol and both Chatham and Bryan Counties are still looking for this Florida fugitive.

Police spent all last night and all day today following up leads. Late this afternoon, authorities got together to share the latest on their search for Reddick with us.

As it gets darker, it's just going to make it easier for Reddick to find a place to hide. Police had a technological advantage at the beginning of the manhunt with helicopters in the air and infrared cameras. But the weather we've had today has been a big obstacle.

The cloudy, soggy day has made trails nearly impossible to track with K-9s, and searchers aren't even bothering to use the helicopter they had out last night.

"Not in this weather, it would be essentially of no use," said Dep. Jennifer Armstrong with the US Marshals Service. When asked about the infrared cameras, she responded, "Same thing, with this weather. The cold would be great, but with the wet conditions, that's really not going to help us at this point."

While the rain has not been helpful, police say they hope it gets a little bit chillier. That would keep Reddick just as miserable as the people who've been searching for him, and at last sighting, he was not wearing shoes. They're hoping as he gets colder and wetter he'll start making mistakes.

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