Manhunt Moves South

Officers searching overnight in Liberty County.
Officers searching overnight in Liberty County.

The manhunt for a dangerous fugitive from Florida is moving south after another suspected sighting of escapee Dominic Reddick. The intense manhunt started Monday night in central Florida, and the focus moved to the Coastal Empire Wednesday.

Reddick tried to kill a police officer in Florida and escaped when they were moving him and the transport van broke down.

Wednesday, officers arrested Reddick's brother in Chatham County. He tells police he dropped the escapee off on Highway 17.

Yesterday, the search moved to the Richmond Hill area in Bryan County, then moved south after a sighting in Liberty County later in the day. The soggy weather complicated the process, but dozens of officers were still out searching.

Last night, searchers had dogs out and were combing the woods just west of Interstate 95, near mile marker 85. But in the dark, it was tough to make much headway.

Marshals believe Reddick hitched a ride on I-95 and was dropped off at the Parker's convenience store at the Midway exit in Liberty County. He then ran next door to the El Cheapo before going back into the woods.

Every few hundred feet sat another police cruiser, keeping close watch on the edge of the woods, making sure Reddick couldn't get back out onto Interstate 95.

When investigators got a tip Reddick may have shown up in Midway, they immediately changed their focus to Liberty County. When Liberty County deputies saw Reddick dive into the woods, the search intensified.

"Clearly we are pulling it in tighter at this point," said Dep. Jennifer Armstrong with the US Marshals Service. "When he ran off into the woods, an officer actually viewed where he ran off into the woods. We do have a few local people who were at the store. Obviously these are not people who were doing anything with Mr. Reddick. They just happened to be here. We have other investigators talking to them to determine if they've seen anything that's going to be helpful to law enforcement at this time."

Meanwhile, search crews were deep in that same soggy forest, trying to corner Reddick and end this manhunt. It's a search that's gone across state lines since Reddick first escaped Monday into the swamps of central Florida.

"He knows he is facing life in prison without parole," one investigator told us. "He will do anything to get away from law enforcement. He is dangerous."

Searchers think he's still contained, and are intent on keeping him from getting to any roads or cars that he could steal.

The US Marshals Service is offering a $5,000 reward for Reddick's capture.