Trial Wrapping Up in Gloria Peloquin Murder

A Chatham County jury is deliberating tonight whether or not to convict a 17-year-old accused of murder. Closing arguments wrapped up in the murder trial of Kareem Petty. Petty is charged with robbing and killing Gloria Peloquin last April in a parking lot at Waters Avenue and Montgomery Cross Road.

It's been a long day. The attorneys have spent more time arguing with each other than they have interviewing witnesses. They even fought over who would go first in closing arguments.

Petty's lawyers spent most of the day not focusing on Petty, but his friend Erwin Fox. They say he was with Petty at the store and he's the one who killed Peloquin. They say police should have arrested Fox, not Petty for her murder.

"If ever there was reasonable doubt, it exists in this case," Petty's attorney Michael Schiavone told jurors. "Are you satisfied you have all the evidence, are you satisfied you know what happened that day?"

Schiavone also asked the jury not to hold his aggressiveness with the prosecution against Petty.

Det. Roger Mydell said he didn't arrest Fox because Petty confessed to the crime and petty matches the witnesses' descriptions. Then in closing arguments, Petty's attorney told the jury there is enough reasonable doubt to find petty not guilty.

The most powerful evidence the prosecution showed the jury was Petty's videotaped confession to police. On it, the jury heard Petty admit to killing Peloquin and he said his friend was down the street when it happened.

The prosecutor told the jury that, if you act like an adult and commit an adult crime, you need to be punished as an adult.

They want the jury to find petty guilty.

As of 6pm this evening, the jury was still deliberating.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,