Talahi Island Beating Victim Dies

Last weekend, we told you about a vicious attack on an 82-year-old woman on Talahi Island (Elderly Woman Attacked). Yesterday morning, the woman died.

Etta Dickey was attacked during an armed robbery in her Talahi Island home on Suncrest Boulevard. Family members found her unconscious last Friday, where police believe she had lain for three days.

Last Monday night, police arrested 38-year-old William Dixon. Police say Dixon beat Dickey with a brick and left her for dead. Police found out Dixon had been hired to do repair work at Dickey's home and was already in jail for attacking his wife's grandmother in Bloomingdale (Beating Suspect Linked to Two Assaults).

Dixon remains in the Chatham County Detention Center, now facing an additional murder charge. He is scheduled to appear before a judge Monday.

Reported by: Jamie Ertle, jertle@wtoc.com