Defense: Defendant's Stepson Is the Killer

The trial of an elderly Savannah man accused of killing his wife in 2003 continues this morning at the Chatham County Courthouse. San Lee, 78, is accused of shooting his wife to death on August 1, 2003. The defense is trying to point the finger of blame at Lee's stepson, 50-year-old Harry Szeto.

During testimony yesterday, the defense put Szeto on the stand and questioned him about the shooting, which took place at the home he and his wife shared with the Lees on Lakeshore Drive. The morning of the murder, police arrived to find Szeto trying to restrain Lee and a gun lying nearby.

The defense is trying to show that Szeto had been embezzling money from the Lees and was trying to gain control of the family business.

Szeto is scheduled to testify again today and Lee may take the stand as well.