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Sister Church Gives Congregation Place to Worship

With Christmas just days away, a Savannah church had to find a new place to worship. Less than a week ago, a fire completely gutted Saint Luke AME Church. But another church is providing a real answer to their prayers.

Some say the church is where people not only go to worship, but to come together as a loving community. "This tragedy has brought us close together as a congregation," said Leroy Pennamon, a former usher of Saint Luke.

He still remains on site. He's been watching over what's left of his church for the past week. While he remains vigilant for vandals, he also remains optimistic.

"A lot of people have been riding by asking me where we're having service, and I'm telling them where our congregation is meeting at," he said. 

The fire might have destroyed St. Luke AME Church, but it did not destroy the congregation's desire to worship. The congregation of more than 100 is still meeting on Sundays, but they're doing it at their sister church on the other side of town.

After hearing of the tragedy, the senior pastor and the entire congregation of Saint Philip AME opened their arms and welcomed their new friends. "Hopefully things can work out for them," Rev. Dr. John Foster. "We know the seating arrangement is about the size of the congregation that they need, so it's something that we really look forward to and hope that it can be a blessing to the Saint Luke family."

Able to pick up where they left off, the congregation that lost their old home ended up gaining a new one, even if it's only temporary.

Saint Luke AME is scheduled to be demolished this week. Plans are already in the works to rebuild it.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,

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