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Neighbor Finds Boy After Assault

It's just too horrible to imagine. A little boy, kidnapped and sexually assaulted. Investigators arrested 21-year-old Joshua Dunson in the case. They also arrested Kathleen Peacock, the woman who was supposed to be watching the little boy, on child cruelty charges.

It all happened over the weekend, around Springfield in Effingham County. They say Dunson kidnapped the six-year-old from a mobile home park on Quail Run Road, then took him to some woods off Old Tusculum Road and assaulted him.

Nearby resident Jasmine Dadsden found the boy wandering along the street in a cold rain, naked from the waist down. Dadsden says she was driving home from a friends house when she said she saw something that literally turned her stomach.

"He was just running down the middle of the road," she told us. "He had on a jacket and a shirt and he was waving his arms, so I stopped, slammed on the brakes and stopped, and he said he wanted to go home."

She said the little boy was confused and scared. "He said that a man in a gray car put him in the woods," Dadsden said.

And what the little boy told her next is something she still can't get out of her mind. "I was just, I was crying, scared this was a little six-year-old boy running down the middle of the road. Where his parents at? That's all I'm thinking."

Effingham County sheriff's deputies say the mother of the little boy left him in the custody of her friend Kathleen Peacock, who didn't even know the boy went missing for several hours. According to Dadsden, the boy's mother wasn't located until after 8pm.

"We all went to the hospital and waited on them to find his family," she said.

Being the parent of a small boy herself, Dadsden says she can't even imagine the the horror this child experienced and will continue to experience throughout the rest of his life. "It was real, real sad. Very sad to even think that somebody would do something like that."

From what we've been told, the little boy is home from the hospital and will be getting counseling. We've also been told that the Department of Family and Child Services is involved in this case.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,

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