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Students Write Christmas Greetings on Behalf of Deployed Soldier

Keely Collette Keely Collette

How far would you go to tell someone you love them? One soldier serving overseas called for reinforcements from home: school kids. He had the kids write his love letters.

Spc. Frankie Smith wanted to give his girlfriend something creative for Christmas, so he called Calvary Day School and put a plan into action.

For the past seven months, Keely Collette has been working at the Sunglasses Hut at Savannah Mall, waiting for her boyfriend Frankie to come home from Iraq.

"He goes on a lot of missions, so he'll be gone for a couple days at a time," she said. "But every chance he gets, he calls me or we email."

But this Christmas, Frankie wanted to tell Keely merry Christmas in a unique way. Keely knew something special was coming, but she didn't know much else.

She recalled a "note on my door, saying 'Your fiance needs to get a hold of you, please contact us.' So I contacted Linda who worked at Calvary Day School and she just gave me some aloof answer, she told me he had something for me that was going to be delivered."

But a delivery like this is something she never expected. Here's how it all went down: Keely's boyfriend Frankie placed a phone call to Calvary Day School and consorted with a bunch of students. Before they left on Christmas break, they wrote dozens of love letters to Keely on his behalf. The letters needed to be delivered to Keely, so WTOC was called on to play Cupid. We picked up the love letters, drove over to Savannah Mall and made the delivery.

It was a gift Keely never expected to receive. With a little team effort and lots of love from afar, she received a most memorable Christmas gift.

If only Frankie was able to listen, this is what he'd hear Keely say: "I love you, I miss you and we will never have another Christmas apart again."

Spc. Frankie Smith is scheduled to come home for R and R the first part of January. He and Keely plan to go to Calvary Day School to thank all the students personally.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,

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