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Smoking Cessation

Here are some tips from Memorial Health University Medical Center for anyone trying to stop smoking:

  • Make the decision to quit
  • Talk with your doctor about your decision
  • Discover "Why" you want to quit
  • Create a plan (cold turkey, nicotine replacement, Zyban, hypnosis or acupuncture)
  • Identify your patterns and triggers and create a plan to combat them
  • Pick a date and stick with it
  • Rally your supporters

These are the "4 D's" of Quitting:

  1. Delay (keep busy)
  2. Drink (a lot of water)
  3. Do something (exercise/walk)
  4. Deep Breathing

Phone numbers to call for help:

  • American Cancer Society   1-800-ACS-2345
  • Georgia Tobacco Quit Line 1-877-270 STOP
  • American Lung Association  1-800-LUNGUSA
  • American Heart Association  1-800-242-8721


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