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All Five Murder Suspects Behind Bars After Garden City Shooting

All five men suspected of robbing and murdering Vipin Patel at his store last week are finally in jail.

Police arrested the fourth and fifth suspects Wednesday, including suspected trigger man Hector Gibson.

It's been a stressful few days for other businesses in the area, who have been both worried and saddened by the shooting.

The doors to the Kwik Way convenience store aren't the only ones that have been locked since Friday. Even stores that are still open have been a little more careful this week, at least once the sun sets.

"Just after when it gets dark," explains Jeanie Nguyen, who works at Classy Nails, as she locks the door.

She says she's not sure when they'll start leaving the doors open at night, but probably not anytime soon. She and her coworkers are still sad about Patel's murder just a few doors down.

"He was really a nice guy. Really sweet," says Nguyen. "Every time you would go into that store, and were a penny short, he would let you go on that."

After Wednesday night though, a lot of people are relaxing a little.

With the arrest of 22-year old Hector Gibson, the last of five suspects in the robbery and shooting is in jail. Gibson's arrest was big for Garden City, since police believe he's the one who pulled the trigger.

Police Chief David Lyons tells WTOC, "These are some bad guys, and of course we wanted them off the street."

Gibson's arrest made for some tense moments, when police spotted him Wednesday afternoon on the front porch of a house on Burke Avenue.

"He saw them and ran inside the house. We thought the fight and chase was gonna be on, but when they pulled up in the driveway, he came out with his hands up so he knew he was had," says Chief Lyons.

Earlier Wednesday, Patrick "Pat Pat" Grant had turned himself in, joining the three other suspects who were already in custody: Anthony Haynes, Harry Newkirk, and Jonathan Johnson.

All five men are facing several charges including murder and armed robbery.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,

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