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A South Carolina Man Who Held up a Convenience Store Has Plead Guilty

A South Carolina man who police say held up a convenience store and led them on a high speed chase has plead guilty to one of his crimes.

Abraham Kelty pled guilty to fleeing from Police. It was Tuesday afternoon when officers chased Kelty about 40 miles from Hardeeville, South Carolina to Savannah, Georgia. They finally captured him in front of the Savannah Mall. A Chatham County judge sentenced Kelty to 6 months in jail. Once he serves his time in Chatham County, Hardeeville Police will extradite him for their armed robbery charges.

Today Hardeeville Police showed WTOC their dramatic dash cam video of their high speed pursuit. Officers had to keep three things in mind: catch the guy,

make sure the other people on the road are safe, and stay safe themselves.

Private First Class Chris McIntosh was one of three Hardeeville officers involved in chasing Abraham Kelty's green Monte Carlo. He says he watched Kelty weave in and out of traffic on I-95, at times traveling about 130 miles an hour. He came close to side swiping several cars. Some cars didn't get out of the way, even for police. "An ambulance, fire truck or police car, pull over to the right," McIntosh said.

At one point McIntosh witnessed Kelty crash into a guardrail. Other officers thought they had him and ran toward him guns drawn, but Kelty kept going. His rear bumper trailed behind and other debris was flying off. "The bumper was hanging off the vehicle, waving in the wind, no way to miss that vehicle," McIntosh said.

Hardeeville officers chased Kelty's car until they reached the state line, then Chatham County police picked up the chase. McIntosh said, "Georgia has always been helpful in any situation we've had, whether going down Highway 17 or down I-95."

Mcintosh says police cooperation is what led to Kelty's arrest, almost 40 miles later in front of the Savannah Mall. "They were primary in helping us get the guy," he said.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,  mpaynter@wtoc.com

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