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Tornado Causes Damage in Toombs County

The weather was so bad throughout our viewing area yesterday that tornadoes touched down in Toombs County. They leveled homes and tore down trees and power lines.

"The whole back porch is gone," said resident Alice Johnson. "And the shelter over there, it just picked the posts and all up out of the ground."

Johnson's grandson Matt Howell was asleep when the tornado blew through his yard. "The whole trailer started shaking and I was looking and I couldn't see out of any of the windows," he told us. "I heard a loud bang, walked to the back of the door and the top of the porch flipped up on the trailer."

For some residents, the tornado went past their houses, but it did blow debris into their yards. But one couple lost their entire home after the tornado ripped right through it, scattering their belongings for yards.

While crews continued to remove uprooted trees and worked to restore power, residents had to start cleaning up the mess left behind.

"Got some stuff in the neighbor's yard we got to get," said Howell.

Nobody was injured in the storm.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,

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