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Residents Look Over Tornado Damage

Joe Drew inspects the damage. Joe Drew inspects the damage.

Most of us spent yesterday afternoon or evening under the threat of severe weather. Last night, we showed you one community where a tornado touched down and damaged buildings, trees and more (Tornado Causes Damage in Toombs County). Today, victims saw the effects by morning light.

We talked with some of those who felt the brunt of the storm along US Highway 1. They're breathing a sigh of relief and finding out how soon they can clean up what they lost.

One day after the tornado, resident Nadine Eddinger could only wash debris off her car. At age 82, she'll leave the rest of the mess to others. She still can't believe how quickly the destruction came and went.

"All of a sudden, everything went black and then everything started popping and breaking," Eddinger told us. "I jumped up, the cat jumped up too, and we ran to the living room where it's lower."

Next door, sheets of tin from the barn roof flew like sheets of paper. It overturned just one mobile home and damaged another a few miles away, but took plenty of trees and power lines in between.

Joe Drew had gone into town for a few minutes when it struck. "I figured I'd come back and check my place," he said. "When I pulled up and I saw my barn roof was missing, I pulled further down the driveway and saw the roof in the middle of the field."

Now thousands of dollars in tools and old furniture sit exposed to the elements.

People in Toombs County are thankful no one was hurt, but they're scratching their heads over the randomness of tornadoes. For example, it pulled the roof off Drew's shed almost in one piece, but just 40 feet away, a plastic bed liner is still right where he left it.

The Eddinger barn won't hold livestock for a while, but all in this community are grateful things weren't any worse. They are waiting on insurance adjusters to visit before they start process of cleaning up all the mess.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,

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