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Community Spirit--Christian Parker

Christian Parker Christian Parker

A little more than a month ago, we first introduced a special little boy who gave a brand-new bike to a little girl he didn't even know (Elementary Student Gives Prize Bicycle to Classmate). Our phones have been ringing about him ever since.

We first met nine-year-old Christian Parker when he gave his bike away, but we learned that this isn't the only time this little boy has opened his heart to a complete stranger.

A few days ago, the Parkers were putting on the finishing touches on a Christmas tree in Christian's favorite room at his grandmother's house. It's one night we could catch up with the family since this is Christian's very busy time of the year.

"Every year, him and his grandma give to Greenbriar, Toys for Tots, and any Christmas charity where kids need toys, they give," said Marcia Parker, Christian's mom. "And if he comes home and he found somebody that needs something, he will find some way to get it for him."

We saw one way, just a few weeks ago when Christian won an essay contest and gave the prize to a Hurricane Katrina survivor. "They were battered by the storm and they don't have anything in their possession," he said.

He didn't even know Ymani Garnet, but he had heard about her and how she lost her home and her bike to the hurricane.

So how does Christian feel? "Very proud because I love doing what I did and giving stuff to people who don't have it."

His parents couldn't more proud. Dad Bobby Parker told us, "I am not just saying this because he is mine, but he is a great child and I hope that he continues the way that he is."

For his unselfishness and big heart, Christian Parker is part of WTOC's Community Spirit.

Most children would have probably taken the new bike and given the older bike away. But Christian didn't do that. That makes this little boy all the more special.

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