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Investigator Testifies in Fatal Beating

William Dixon in court today. William Dixon in court today.

We have an update on one of the most disturbing murders in recent years (Beating Suspect Linked to Two Assaults). William Dixon had a pretrial hearing this afternoon, where Savannah-Chatham detectives explained in detail his confession in the severe beating of two elderly women, one of whom eventually died.

According to testimony, Dixon was trying to get money from both 77-year-old Evelyn Page and 82-year-old Etta Dickey when he beat Page with a frying pan and Dickey with a brick. Dickey laid in her house for some 52 hours before being discovered, and died about a week later.

William Dixon showed little emotion as the lead investigator in his murder case explained the bizarre turn of events in early December. Det. Lenny Gunther says Dixon beat Evelyn Page in her Bloomingdale home, and stole her car, driving to Savannah to buy crack.

He explained Dixon ended up at Etta Dickey's home on Talahi Island, and tried to use her phone before going to the bathroom. Police say Dixon had done some work for Dickey in the past.

Det. Gunther testified that Dixon claimed he "nutted up." When asked to clarify, Gunther said, "He said he came out of the bathroom and started beating her." According to Gunther's testimony, Dixon didn't even say anything. "He just commenced to beating her."

Dixon was already in jail for Page's attack by the time Dickey was even discovered, and Det. Gunther says it didn't take long to connect Dickey's attack to Dixon.

Evelyn Page recovered from her attack. Etta Dickey never came out of her coma before dying on December 10.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,

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