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Recovering Stroke Victim's Car Vandalized

Murders, break-ins, vandalism. Crime comes in all shapes and sizes. A Port Wentworth woman found out the hard way, when her vehicle was stripped and trashed in a Savannah movie theater parking lot.

It was supposed to be a routine trip to the movies. When she got out, the battery to her car was dead. She says no one would offer a jump, so she called her parents but was forced to leave the car. When she came back, it was stripped.

Life hasn't been easy for Nancy Reed. "About six months ago, I had two strokes, a brain stem stroke and another kind of stroke," she told us. "I have lived with chronic pain all my life and I have a morphine implant."

Reed has made huge strides over the last six months. Monday, she went to Regal Cinemas in Savannah to catch a movie. She and friend came out of the movie around 2pm but found her car battery was dead. "We had jumper cables, the parking lot was full," she said. "Nobody wanted to help. I'm hobbling around. Nobody would give it to me."

Reed's parents came, but their hood wouldn't open. As Reed tells it, they went all the way back to Port Wentworth to get a different vehicle. When they finally got back, someone had broken into Reed's SUV.

"They bashed in the back window, took everything in the car apart," Reed said.

The black Exterra was taken to 21 Auto Repairs in Rincon. There was not much left in it except a mess. "Speakers. They took the CD player," said Reed. "They took a Coke and poured it all over everything."

"It's just pure meanness," said Keith Rogers of 21 Auto Repairs. "That's all that is. After a while, you get jaded to it."

Rogers says this kind of crime is nothing new. He gets vehicles all the time busted into, wires left hanging and vandalized.

Keith Rogers was just another victim. "Pure vandalism," said Rogers. "They have nothing else better to do."

Reed wishes someone would have called police, but after all she's been through, she's staying positive. "There's a reason this happened," she said. "I'm thankful I have my car. I'm just so blessed to be alive."

Reed's vehicle repairs and stereo replacement will run her about $2,000. She's hoping someone who sees this story and may have seen something and will call police.

After everything she's been through, Reed is keeping a sense a humor. She cracked the movie--Memoirs of a Geisha--wasn't even that good.

Reported by: Don Logana,

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