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Healthier Lifestyle Key to Controlling Weight Problems

Sheila Ward Sheila Ward

You know you should watch what you eat and get some exercise. Need a little inspiration? We met one woman whose life is literally changing for the better because of her new, healthy choices.

She's battled her weight most of her life, but more than a year ago, Sheila Ward made a step in the right direction. "My children and my niece told me I needed to lose weight and I felt it too," she said.

With support from her family, friends and her church, Ward began exercising and eating healthier. "I have lost 71 pounds to date and it's beautiful because now the diabetes is gone," she said. "And the diabetes went away when I lost 55 pounds."

And that's changed her whole life. "That means everything to me and my family. I don't have to take the medications any more."

But for Ward, it wasn't just about losing weight. It was about creating a healthier lifestyle for her and her children.

"I have changed my eating habits and getting my family into it, to get them more healthy," Ward said. "I changed my butter, my bread, everything."

And pound by pound, the weight continues to come off. "I feel great," said Ward. "I have more energy. I can do anything I want. Before I couldn't do nothing. I couldn't put on my clothes, socks or anything. Now I can do it all."

But she says the best part is knowing her children are proud of her. "They are so happy. They tell me all the time, 'Mama, you look great. nice and pretty.'"

Although Ward says she's got a tough road ahead of her to get to her ideal weight, she's dedicated to this new healthy lifestyle.

She's also signing up for the Lowcountry Shrinkdown, a free program to help local residents maintain healthy lifestyles. You can sign up online at:

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,

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