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Top Teacher--Deborah Carico

Deborah Carico Deborah Carico

Reading is the key to life: that's what one educator at Bulloch Academy says. Deborah Carico's literature class reads poems they wrote themselves.

"I'm working on getting them to express themselves," she said. "It's not just authors or poets. They can write too."

Something else she's working on: getting her kids to read more. So she showed the kids the movie Christmas with the Kranks,  and also had them read the book based on that movie by John Grisham. To Carico's surprise, the students like the book better.

"That was a lesson I didn't plan on," said Carico. "They believed the writing in the book was much better."

And that's why Carico says working at Bulloch Academy is so fulfilling. Well, that and the fact that all three of her sons go to the school too. They can peep in her window every now and then, making Carico's job even more enjoyable.

"David is six and I can see his hand," she told us. "Sam is eight and I can see his nose, and Ben is 10, so I can see his whole head. They just swing by and that just makes my day."

And when they get to the upper school, she hopes they are just as happy with her work as the other students. "Not many students want to come to class, but most students look forward to her class and don't want to leave," said student Jessica Kelly.

Just one of the reasons Deborah Carico is this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,

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