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Another 200 Marne Soldiers Return

More good news from Fort Stewart today as 200 more soldiers are back after a year's deployment in Iraq. Proud families packed the stands at Cottrell Field. Jody Berg and her four-month-old waited for their soldier. "He saw her when he had two weeks R and R and she was two weeks old," she told us.

Angela Harris was among the loudest to cheer, but her husband won't be home for days. "I'm happy to see any soldier come home and so we're here to welcome soldiers," she said.

With more than 12,000 Marne soldiers now home, focus will soon shift beyond Iraq. "This spring, we'll take our equipment back to the field and get ready for whatever mission comes," said division commander Maj. Gen. William Webster.

But today, the buses were the only thing that mattered. Excitement built until the 200 soldiers crossed the trees. After kind words and two songs, the rush of reunions was on.

"It is great to see my wife and two daughters, Farris who's 3 1/2 months old," said Capt. Ed Berg.

"I'm excited. We did great things over there but I'm glad to be back," said Staff Sgt. Tyrone Brown.

After tearful embraces and polite hellos to their comrades' families, soldiers couldn't get away from Cottrell fast enough.

Like the rest who've come home, these soldiers will get a couple of days off, and come back to tie up loose ends and get weapons and equipment inventoried. Then they'll take a month of block leave before they refocus on that training Gen. Webster mentioned.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,

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