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Former Chatham County Officer Killed in Iraq

Samuel Parlin Samuel Parlin

Samuel Parlin, a retired Chatham County police officer, died in Iraq Monday. Parlin, a civilian contractor serving as an international police liaison with DynCorp International, was riding in an armored vehicle when a roadside bomb struck it.

Star Cpl. Fred Peche of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department worked with Parlin. He says Parlin was very proud of what he was doing.

"Sam was a very professional individual," Peche told us. "He believed in this job and what he was doing. I know that when he went over there, he trained and helped aid the forces. I know he helped train the Iraq police."

Peche recently returned from a tour of duty with the Army's special bomb forces. He says the security threat for civilian contractors like Parlin is different from those facing our soldiers.

"We are the best fighting force in the world and we are the best equipped," Peche said. "We have the tools and equipment to do the job and it comes at a high price. A lot of our equipment is classified and it's not offered on the civilian community, which is where Sam was working. He was working for a civilian cooperation. They don't have the same tools and equipment that we have."

Parlin joined the Chatham County Police Department in 1986 and retired in 2000 to work for DynCorp International.

Reported by: Cheznee Johnson


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