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Police Captain Resigns After Internal Investigation

A Port Royal police captain has stepped down after an internal investigation surrounding an illegal gambling ring wraps up. Capt. Roger Karr turned in his resignation and is retiring just days after the results of the investigation came in.

Rumors of illegal activities at the Coffee Shop in Port Royal are where it all started. "There were some innuendoes and rumors about the activities that were occurring at the Coffee Shop," said town manager Van Willis. "I asked SLED to go in and look around and see what they could find."

In December, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division shut down this location and another in Burton for having illegal video gaming machines. They arrested four people involved in the illegal activity, including the fiance of Capt. Karr. That's when Willis ordered an internal investigation into the Port Royal Police Department.

"If my folks were involved, I wanted to know," said Willis. "But if they weren't involved, I also wanted to clear that up because certainly our reputation was on the line in this particular case."

The internal investigation is now complete, but town officials aren't saying if the captain was involved in any of the illegal operations. The results of the internal investigation have not been made public at this time.

As far as the criminal investigation goes, SLED officials say there are no pending charges against Capt. Karr. We did made attempts to speak to both the police chief and Karr, but were not able to get in contact with them.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey, jdailey@wtoc.com

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