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Allergist - Feeling Run Down….Try Walking

It’s no secret that many Americans get less exercise than they should, but recently released national guidelines suggest that walking for just 30 minutes, 4 or more days a week can make a huge difference in your health.  Walking requires no expensive memberships, special equipment or training, and it’s something you already do every day.  With a pair of comfortable, sturdy shoes and just a few minor adjustments, you can turn your daily routine into a worthwhile exercise regimen.

  • Walking conditions the heart and lungs and raises the body’s ability to efficiently process oxygen.
  •  A brisk walk at 3 to 4 miles an hour 3 or more hours a week can substantially reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Walking helps you overcome other health problems such osteoporosis and some types of cancer.
  • It helps to remove fat and build muscle and can help diabetics reduce or eliminate the need for medication
  • Walking is just as effective as jogging for burning calories, but  is much easier on the joints.
  • Walking reduces stress, improves sleep, and lessens depression.
  • Walking is something you do everyday, so it has the lowest dropout rate of any exercise plan.
  • Walking improves digestion, regularity, and blood pressure.

Squeeze your daily walk into even the busiest day by using some of these ideas:

  • Walk to the store or neighborhood coffee shop for your paper on Sunday mornings.
  • Park a few blocks from work or get off the bus or train one stop early and walk from there—be sure to wear your walking shoes, and bring your work shoes with you.
  • Take the stairs
  • Treat your pet to stroll around the neighborhood, but be sure to adhere to your community’s leash and pet laws.
  • On rainy days walk at the mall or on a treadmill at the gym.
  • Bring your shoes to work, and walk during a portion of your lunch break.
  • Whatever you choose, just be sure to walk at a steady pace that both raises your heartrate and allows you to carry on a conversation.

Just a little effort can make a lot of difference in your health.


Adapted from Top Health Wellness Newsletter for May 2005.

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