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Spectator Injured in Monster Truck Mishap

Wayne Henninger Wayne Henninger

Monster truck mayhem Saturday night tore up the Savannah Civic Center, literally (Monster Truck Mishap Damages Civic Center Ice System). Tonight, there are new details about injuries from a freak accident at the monster truck show. From what we've learned, at least two people were hurt.

The issue is flying debris from the show. The civic center is enclosed and monster trucks are smashing and crushing vehicles. We showed you exclusive video last night of one of the vehicles--Jail Break--nose-diving into the civic center floor, busting a water pipe. Not everybody walked away from the event unharmed.

"We had a good time up until that happened," said Wayne Henninger. He was there with his eight-year-old son. The last thing he remembers is the driver trying to start Jail Break back up, and sparks shooting from under the truck.

"After I saw the sparks, something smacked me in the forehead," Henninger said.

Five stitches, a broken sinus cavity and a nasty case of whiplash were the souvenirs Henninger took home from what he says is his last monster truck show.

Savannah Civic Center officials say they were aware of Henninger's injury and that of a women, who was hit in the shoulder with what they assume was flying debris. They say the promoters are liable.

Henninger thinks better protection should have been in place. State regulations require protective barriers for spectators at eye level. At this weekend's show, people were above eye level.

While the civic center needs some repairs for its underground pipes, Henninger may have to have surgery on his sinus cavity.

"It could have been worse," he said. "Could have been my son. Or somebody could have been killed. I don't think it was anything but a freak accident."

Henninger should be okay. The civic center says this whole situation has caused it to reevaluate having future monster truck shows in the building.

Reported by: Don Logana, dlogana@wtoc.com

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