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Search Is on for Missing Three-Year-Old

A long, frustrating night of searching has extended into the morning as police and rescue crews continue looking for a three-year-old boy believed to have been kidnapped from a Coastal Empire parking lot.

It happened late yesterday afternoon at the Wal-Mart in Jesup. Three-year-old Ahmad King was sitting comfortably in the back seat of his mother's car when she pulled into a parking spot and walked about 30 feet away to get a grocery cart. When Mary Jane King got back to the car, Ahmad's two-year-old sister was sitting by herself.

"We don't have any other witnesses," said Special Agent Greg Harvey with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. "We're still trying to talk to the child and interview the child. We're having the child interviewed by some folks at the child advocacy center."

Despite the fact investigators think Ahmad was kidnapped, search crews and volunteers scoured the parking lot and every piece of property nearby to no avail. Security cameras in the parking lot weren't on at the time, and investigators say there aren't any suspects or reasons to believe Ahmad was picked out specifically, something that's making the search that much harder.

"If anybody saw anything or think they might have some information to come talk to us," said Special Agent Harvey. "Right now we're very long on speculation and short on facts."

As the night went on, a helicopter continued to search from high above and patrol cars headed up and down every street in the city, while Ahmad's worried parents waited it out at the police department.

"Understandably, they're very much distressed, extremely upset," said Special Agent Harvey.

Meanwhile, the GBI is hoping to get some clue as to who they're looking for through fingerprinting or any other clues left in the car.

If anyone has any information about what may have happened to Ahmad King, please call the Jesup Police Department at 912.427.1300.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,

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