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Top Teen--Maegan Smiley

Maegan Smiley Maegan Smiley

Savannah Arts Academy has some very talented students, one of whom is a beautiful dancer. Maegan Smiley has always been on the move.

"Just from the time I could walk, I was all over, tapping or singing, just annoying my Mom," she said. "So she figured, 'We should put her in dance.' You know, put some talent to work."

And it worked. Meagan fell in love with dancing almost immediately. "I started dancing at four. Ballet and tap and everything I could do to broaden my horizons."

She is very diligent when it comes to practice, which is probably why she's become so skilled over the years.

While Maegan is very talented when it comes to dance, she has some other great qualities. It's her positive attitude, teachers say, that sets her apart.

Dance teacher Christine Powell told us, "Being a performer is like being on a team. If you have a good spirit and you work well with others, it helps bring the group together and in the end, it helps the outcome of the dance."

Once she graduates in 2 1/2 years, this sophomore has big plans. First, she wants to head to a performing arts college and then she hopes to head to the Big Apple to perform on the Great White Way.

The inspiration for such big goals, she says, comes straight from Savannah Arts Academy. "Doing the musicals here at school has really just opened my interests, so what I want to do is sing and act on Broadway. I love it!"

Maegan Smiley, this week's WTOC Top Teen.

In addition to her dancing skills, Maegan is also heavily involved in acting. And she recently took part Savannah Arts Academy's performance of The 1940's Radio Show in December with our very own Sonny Dixon.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,

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