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Women Volunteers Build Home for Single Mother

It's the American dream, and every year volunteers help make homeownership come true for families. Now Habitat for Humanity volunteers are working on a unique project in Bluffton. Unlike most Habitat homes, one volunteers are building in Bluffton is strictly built by women in the area.

Women from all walks of life are rolling up their sleeves and joining together, building a dream one nail at a time.

"It's really empowering experience to do this kind of work, especially for women who don't necessarily do construction work," said site manager Susan Sommer.

In fact organizers say many of the women came to the project without having any experience. "Oh, it's amazing what we've learned," said Sommer. "I've been here since September of 2004 as an Americorps member. I came knowing absolutely nothing."

But now Sommer, and many of the others, are learning along the way. "Everyone just comes and learns how to do it, which is very exciting and makes this project such a great one," said Sommer.

And that's why many of these women are coming back day after day. "To give back," said Pat Roche. "I give back in a lot of ways, but not quite like this."

Pat Messineo is only staying in the area for a few months, but decided to pitch in, an experience she says has been well worth her effort. "Being able to give our time for someone who really needs and deserves it, that's the thing I feel good about," she told us.

Despite all the hard work, most of these ladies will tell you they're having a lot of fun. "I think this has made our stay on Hilton Head Island really fun," said Messineo. "It's hard to say hard work is fun, but it really is."

The "2006 Womenbuild" started about a month ago, and they're planning to dedicate the home to a single mother and her two children a day before Mother's Day.

This is the second year the Hilton Head Regional Habitat group has done a Womenbuild. If you'd like to get involved, contact Susan Sommer at 843.757.5864

Reported by: Jaime Dailey, jdailey@wtoc.com

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