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New Owners Plan No Changes at Landmark BBQ Restaurant

You probably have a favorite restaurant. When you settle in, it feels like home. They know your name and what you like. Generations in Statesboro have said that about Vandy's BBQ.

But yesterday, new owners took over what has become a local landmark. We stopped by to see how the owners and customers were handling the changes.

During the lunch rush, Vandy's is one of the busiest places in Statesboro. Tony Sammons is trying to adjust to being one of the new owners.

"It is kind of strange being on this side of the counter, that's for sure," he told us.

Tony, his wife Cathy, and her sister Ashley took over Monday at midnight. It's only the second time the legendary eatery has changed hands since Vandy Boyd first cooked barbecue in 1929.

"I can't remember a time growing up that we didn't eat at Vandy's," said Cathy. "It is an institution."

Since Vandy's already has such a following, the family says their philosophy will be simple: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

"We're not changing anything," Ashley told us. "The staff has been here forever and knows what people want."

Besides, Tony says the secret recipes for sauce and Brunswick stew cost too much to tinker, and that's just fine with customers.

The sisters will keep their jobs in banking and insurance and rely on Tony to make sure nothing changes.

Vandy's fame reaches beyond Statesboro. Delta's Sky magazine and the Atlanta Journal Constitution rated their barbecue among the best in the South.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,

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