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Bond Revoked for Murder Suspect

A Beaufort family is now breathing a sigh of relief after a judge revoked bond on their loved one's suspected killer. That's after Charles Green, Jr., posted bond twice in a month's time.

The family has been waiting for this news. They were upset with the justice system for letting Green out on bond the first time, but when he was rearrested and let out again, they were outraged.

Green will be behind bars at the Beaufort County Detention Center until his next day in court after a circuit court judge granted the solicitor's office's request to revoke his bond.

"A bond is a promise that you'll not only stay in the State of South Carolina, but that you will also not commit crime while you're waiting on your trial," said Solicitor Duffie Stone. "Mr. Green, I felt like, didn't understand that promise."

Police say Green shot and killed 25-year-old Derek Boykins and injured 21-year-old Devon Ward during a fight at the Oaks at Broad River apartments on New Year's Eve. He turned himself in and was able to post bond. Police say while Green was out, officers rearrested him for speeding, marijuana possession and possession of a pistol by a felon. A magistrate court judge granted him bond again, and he's been free ever since.

And that's had Derek Boykins' family furious. "He shouldn't have been out from the beginning," said Vernetta Owens, his aunt. "We told them the last time he was a danger to society."

"We felt that he shouldn't have gotten out in the first time," said Geneva Binyard, another aunt. "Because the system let him out knowing that he murdered a father, son, a nephew, a loved one."

And knowing Green was free had Boykins' fiancee, Sheena Jackson, scared for her life. "I didn't know what he would do, so I just moved out of our home we shared together," said said.

"If he did it to our family, my nephew, he would to it to someone else," said Binyard.

Solicitor Stone tells us he's expecting Green to go before a grand jury later this month. His court date is not yet determined.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,

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