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Severe Child Abuse Discovered In Garden City Hotel

Garden City police are investigating a case of severe child abuse. Two young children were beaten, burned and tortured in a hotel room. Early last Tuesday morning, someone heard children screaming from inside one of the rooms at the Masters Inn on highway 21 in Garden City. Police say it was their own relatives.

The victims are a six year old girl and an 18 month old boy--they are cousins. Police say they were beaten by their grandmother, the little boy's mother, and her boyfriend. We can t show you the pictures of their injuries. They are very disturbing.

Terrance Jones is a security guard for the Masters Inn. Last week he saw something so horrible that it brought him to tears and made him call the police. "I went into the hallway and saw this little girl who was beaten really bad." Guests at the inn told jones they heard children screaming from inside one of the rooms. He soon knew why. Jones said she had, "Two black eyes, her lip was busted in and she said she had been burnt in the face, all over the face."

Police say someone burned the six year old girl and her 18 month old cousin with a cigarette and cigarette lighter all over their bodies. and there is evidence someone beat the baby boy with an iron pipe. Jones said, "I'm really glad I found out because I believe if I didn t find this, it would still be going on." Police agree. They arrested the little boy s mother 22 year old Monique Waples and the children's grandmother, 49 year-old Gloria Patterson. They are charged with child abuse, cruelty to a child, and child molestation.

According to Garden City police chief David Lyons, "The child molestation stems from the 6 year old telling us in graphic detail that grandmother had sex with the auntie's boyfriend with the children in the room present in front of them." Both women are in jail. The children are in the state's custody. Chief Lyons says that, "this is beyond child abuse, this is torturing a child for some sick pleasure." Police also found a dog collar and chain in the room police believe was used to tie up the little boy; and he had a ligiture mark across his neck.

Police are still looking for the mother's boyfriend. They also say that they are from the Chatham County area. They're vagabonds and just happened to be staying at this inn last week, and that they were using these children, along with 3 others, for welfare fraud.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter

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