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Carjacking Suspect Crashes at Busy Intersection

An armed robbery suspect is in custody after a short police chase led to a scary moment at a major intersection Tuesday night.

Police say 25-year old Ervin Fox robbed someone at the Walgreen's on Largo and Abercorn, then stole a car.

He was spotted a short time later, and crashed into three cars while running a red light at Victory and Skidaway.

The impact sent the car into a ladder being used by a Captain D's employee to change a sign, and he suffered minor injuries.

Witnesses say the chase could have lasted longer if Fox hadn't run the red light: a car being driven by Thomas Caggiano T-boned the Impala, ending the pursuit before it really got going.

Caggiano says "I was basically coming back to Savannah, going about 35 or 40 miles an hour. Some guy just came out of nowhere. I T-boned him and that's all I seen, because my airbags went off in my car and all the windows were fogged up. Next thing I know, they catch the guy."

Fox is being charged with Armed Robbery, Motor Vehicle Hijacking, and a slew of traffic violations.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,

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