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Student Athletic Leaders Conference in Statesboro

When you were a teenager, whom did you look up to? An athlete? A movie star? And whom do your children look up to? We found one group of young people today learning to lead.

In today's world, influences on teens from sports and music are everywhere. "You see stuff on MTV, BET, and all that, and they want to act like those guys," said John Knox, a junior at Statesboro High.

A hundred or so teens from eight counties gathered for the annual Student Athletic Leaders Conference at Statesboro's First Baptist Church. With our own Sonny Dixon as moderator, they talked about how sports and role models prepare them for life.

"It can help with whatever their job will be or at home raising a family," David Cone, a Statesboro High senior.

While these teens are still deciding who their role models are, like it or not, they're already role models to the next generation. That message was driven home by pro athletes who came to speak.

"When I was in high school, I remember the elementary school kids looking up to me cause to them I was larger than life," said Atlanta Falcons safety Bryan Scott.

David Cone knows all too well. Georgia's AAAA Player of the Year, he's heading to the University of Michigan on a full scholarship to play quarterback. "I'm glad I can help younger kids that play sports, and those who don't play or whatever, they just want to talk to you."

The biggest lesson of the day was the glory they get from success on the field or court brings responsibility. "You always have to watch how you carry yourself because you don't know who's watching," said Scott.

The First District Regional Education Service Agency and US Attorney's Office sponsor the conference with a grant from the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,

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