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Mitch Glicken's Life Celebrated at Memorial Service

Mitch and his family. Mitch and his family.
Family and friends honored Mitch at his church in Savannah. Family and friends honored Mitch at his church in Savannah.

Our friend Mitch Glicken passed away last weekend after a long illness. The former WTOC sportscaster and executive producer--more importantly, father and husband--was remembered at a memorial service at Savannah Christian Church today.

There are so many stories that are just Mitch, and boy did Mitch love a good story. He brought a smile to so many faces and touched so many hearts. And many just had to say a final goodbye.

"Just his energy, it's certainly something you don't forget, that type of energy, the zeal for life that he had," recalled Olympic medalist Cheryl Haworth.

Her story, and those of professional golfer Davis Love III, star Georgia Southern running back Adrian Peterson, and many others--Mitch told all their stories and with the same passion as that with which he would introduce us to a high schooler he met covering a story for Fabulous Football Friday.

"From the smallest person to the biggest person, Mitch loved them all," recalled former WTOC anchor Doug Weathers.

Weathers is the reason Mitch moved to Savannah from Ohio. "I hired Mitch in the mid '80s," Weathers told the assembly at today's service. "He likes to say I hired him sight unseen, and he says I hired him over the telephone and he's right."

All through Mitch's life and career, he made people feel good about themselves. An unselfish man of unquestionable integrity, and just plain fun.

Sonny Dixon brought fond recollections to the dozens of current and former WTOC employees in attendance when he imitated Mitch's enthusiastic call of support to coworkers: "You can do it!"

There will never be another Mitch. Last year, he went from preaching sporting news to preaching the good news. "Mitch was a strong Christian man who loved the Lord," said Jim Bolen of Savannah Christian Church. "It consumed his being."

"You just knew that he was pushing himself the most," said Dixon. "Saying, 'You can do it.' Well, better than anybody we will ever know, Mitch dear brother, you did it."

Mitch is survived by his wife Sandy and their son Matthew. He was only 43 years old.

A college fund has been set up for Matthew Glicken. Contributions to the Matthew Glicken account may be made at any SunTrust Bank.

Anyone wishing to mail a check to be deposited in the Custodial Savings Account for Matthew Glicken may do so, using the following address:

P.O. 8668
Savannah, GA 31412
Attention: Heather Ginn, Suite 590

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,

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