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80 Marines Home from Iraq

Some Beaufort Marines are finally back home with family and friends after serving in Iraq. After seven months and a lot of anticipation, even by the squadron's mascot, 80 Marines with Marine Wing Support Squadron 2-73 returned.

"It's been very long and stressful waiting for them to come home," said Carrie Metzger.

Family and friends gave them a hero's homecoming at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, and welcomed them home with open arms. In fact, many came from all across the country.

"We came from Boise, Idaho, and we wouldn't have missed it," said Bonnie Hodgson.

Many, like the Metzgers, say this is a moment they'll forever treasure.

Of seeing his children, Marty Metzger told us, "It's almost overwhelming. She's grown so much. She's beautiful and the boys. They ran over to me. It's all close to overwhelming."

Lance Cpl. Kevin Aviles was overwhelmed as well after seeing his baby boy for the first time.

But for others, the homecoming is later. "We have to go pick up our son," said Sgt. Timothy Ross. "As soon as we do that, it will officially be a homecoming."

The squadron will be deploying back to Iraq later this fall, but in the meantime they'll be enjoying their time with friends and family.

While deployed, the squadron provided a wide range of aviation ground support to other units based at Camp Al Asad.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey, jdailey@wtoc.com

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