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Murder Victim Believed to Have Known Attacker

Liberty County sheriff's deputies have three people behind bars for killing a handicapped man, then burglarizing his home. It happened on Patricia Lane in Walthourville in Liberty County.

Investigators say the victim, Donald Tyson, knew at least one of his attackers. Tyson was wheelchair bound, an employee of Wynn Army Hospital on Fort Stewart, who kept to himself. Deputies found him dead in his home Saturday night.

In Walthourville, people aren't used to seeing crime scene tape strung across a neighbor's home. "It's usually nice and quiet, everybody keeps to themselves," said neighbor Tim Ysbrand.

"You would never think something like that would happen," said Sylvia Gardner. "It's quiet around here."

Tyson was beat to death inside his home. His nephew found him Saturday night. Tyson was out of his wheelchair, lying in a pool of blood.

"We think the time of death was between 3am and 5am," said Chief Deputy Keith Moran of the Liberty County Sheriff's Department. "Of course we have a lot of leads we are following up, so he had been dead about a day."

Deputies say Tyson knew his attacker, Danny Morrison. They say the two men were arguing. About what, they still don't know.

Deputies say, after Morrison killed Tyson, he brought two other people to Tyson's home. "It looks like they went back in the house after Mr. Tyson was murdered and stole some items and pawned them downtown," said Moran.

Barnard Bacon and Pheria Williams are charged with burglary and stealing Tyson's car.

Deputies made the arrests at the Budget Motel in Hinesville. They spotted Tyson's Chevy Lumina in the parking lot and the trio they were looking for were close by.

It was the break investigators say they needed, and it gives Tyson's neighbors a little piece of mind.

"That's good that they are caught," said Gardner.

Tyson's accused killer will remain behind bars after a judge denied bond.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,

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