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Garden City Senior Fights Back During Home Invasion

Sadie Smith's home of 41 years on Chatham Villa Drive. Sadie Smith's home of 41 years on Chatham Villa Drive.

They tied her up, nearly smothered her, and robbed her. A Garden City senior survived a violent home invasion yesterday. The male suspect is still at large. His accomplice--a white female--is in police custody. All they got was $20 and a car, 76-year-old Sadie Smith's 1999 green Saturn. She's got quite a tale to tell.

Smith is laughing now, but she wasn't laughing then. "That's when they tied me up and put me in the closet," she recalled.

Around noon Tuesday, a white male and female knocked on Smith's front door and said they wanted to buy her house. "I said, 'Go out to the sign and get the number and call the real estate agent,'" Smith told us. "He shoved the door open and came right in."

She may be 76, but Smith was ready to fight. "He tried to choke me, then got the pillow and put it over my head," she said. "I shoved it back. I kicked as hard as I could kick."

Smith says they wanted money. "He turned my wrists and pulled and told me to go in the bedroom and give him my money. I don't have no money."

So he demanded her car keys. "He picked up a paring knife about this big and said, 'I'll get rid of you with this if you don't tell me where the keys are.' I said, 'Hanging on the wall. Take them and go.'"

Smith was thrown in a closet, tied up with a ripped-up dress and phone chord. She kicked herself out of the closet and called police. Hours later, she was still tough as nails. "There's no need to cry. It'll just make my face look worse than it does."

And she thinks she will get the last laugh. "He didn't make nothing off of me, and if I made it to my bedside table, he'd be a dead duck."

Smith had lived on Chatham Villa Drive for 41 years and never had a problem. Police are still looking for the man, described as a white male with dark hair and a tattoo across his back, in his late 20s early 30s. They think they know who he is; they just have to locate him.

The woman, caught yesterday afternoon with the stolen car, is facing a bunch of charges, including armed robbery and burglary.

Reported by: Don Logana,

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