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Minister Speaks on Mission Work in Iraq

Dr. Terry Law Dr. Terry Law

Over the last few years, Iraq has been undergoing major changes. But our servicemen and -women have not been the only ones to witness them. Dr. Terry Law operates a worldwide ministry. He found himself in Baghdad during the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime.

Sunday morning, he spoke about his experiences at the Coastal Cathedral.

Dr. Law has a heart for the people of Iraq. His ministry group, World Compassion, travels the globe providing medicine, educational relief, Bibles and Christian literature to people in places like China, Afghanistan and Iraq.

His calling has also given him a front row seat during a major turning point in Iraq's history. World Compassion was actually in Baghdad when Saddam Hussein was captured.

"The first thing I noticed was the response of the people," said Dr. Law. "I talked to a man and he said, 'This is the second greatest day of my life.' I said, 'What was the first great day of your life?' He said, 'When I gave my heart to the Lord.' But he said, 'The second greatest thing that's happened to me is the capture of Saddam. For the first time, we feel we have a future.'"

Dr. Law says he's encouraged by the changes the American military helped bring about in Iraq, but disheartened by media coverage concentrating on the violence. "You've got a huge group of people--the moderates in Iraq--who don't want war. They don't want Al Qaeda. They don't want terrorism. They just want a job. They want to raise their kids. They want a school where their kids can go to school. They want clean water. They want hospitals and our people have done that."

Dr. Law says Americans should be proud of the military's work. "I just want to encourage Americans who are wondering, 'Was it worth it?' Go to Iraq. Talk to the people and they'll tell you, 'Thank you, very much. It was very much worth it.'"

Dr. Law's director for World Compassion in Iraq is Gen. Sada, a former top advisor to Saddam Hussein who defied the former Iraqi leader to save the lives of more than 40 US pilots and servicemen in the Gulf War.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,

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