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Waterfront Association Predicting Huge Saint Patrick's Turnout

Five days until what may be the biggest Saint Patrick's Day celebration in Savannah history, and River Street is getting ready to welcome the crowds.

It may be quiet right now, but River Street is starting to show hints of Saint Patrick's Day. By Thursday, Rick Lott of the Savannah Waterfront Associates says green will take over.

"It's looking like a huge, huge weekend," he told us.

Back at the helm of the Waterfront Association after a few years away, Lott says intelligence reports are pointing to people making Savannah their Saint Patrick's destination after taking a pass on Mardi Gras.

If he were a betting man, Lott has a hunch this could be a history-making year, adding to the lore of Saint Patrick's Day in Savannah. "We've been hearing about it for months, but it's something that will be hard to gauge," he said. "It's big on its own, especially with the time it falls and the weather being so nice."

All the prep action begins Wednesday. Fences will go up, and vendors and stages will be set up.

Reported by: Don Logana, dlogana@wtoc.com

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