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New Hotline for Anonymous School Tips

How safe do your children feel at school? It is a valid question, especially with reports nationally and some locally of students bringing weapons to school.

Starting today, students in Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools will be able to relay information without being labeled snitches. It's a new emergency hotline; students can simply dial 912.201.INFO.

"They can call this number and give an anonymous tip that could end crime," said student Larowe Adams. "Or possibly if they know anything that could be hazardous to the school, relay that information and that problem could be easily solved."

Today, students got little cards reminding them about the 201.INFO hotline. Students can call the hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week and leave anonymous tips.

Savannah Arts Academy students Kyle Burnsed and Corey Ellis designed the cards and posters that will soon be plastered in school hallways. They hope their design will appeal to all students.

"The students know more about what's going on than the teachers and administration, that's a fact," said Kyle. "They can perfect things better if they have outlet to do so."

Savannah High School assistant principal Angie Lewis says she hopes the hotline will encourage students to really be heroes and protect their friends from crime. "We have so many kids that fear being labeled as a snitch that they won't come to us and tell us about thing going on."

Students we spoke with say they will use it.

"If I had some information I would definitely use it," said Corey.

"I think people will use it, and your name's not out there and, you know, you're not seen as a person in the spotlight," said student Raisa Steplights.

Once the student leaves a message, a trained professional will forward the message to campus police. And at no time will the caller be required to give out personal information.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,

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