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Solicitors On Call in Beaufort County

A new program in Beaufort County could help make the streets safer. Fourteenth Circuit solicitor Duffie Stone recently implemented a new on-call system. Through this program, police officers have access to a solicitor at all times for legal advice.

This program is also helping the solicitor's office get involved with cases from the beginning, running background checks before bond hearings and attending those bond hearings to build stronger cases.

Before, the solicitors didn't get the case information until after it went to grand jury.

"It was taking us a month and a half to get the information concerning the case, so we are moving cases much more quickly," said Solicitor Stone. "But most importantly, I think we're doing a better job on how we're handling the cases, because we know more about the cases."

Solicitor Stone is hoping to implement this program in the other four counties in the Fourteenth Circuit.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,

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