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Parade Goers Camp Out for Prime Spots

Lafayette Square Lafayette Square

Savannah's big Saint Patrick's Day parade is tomorrow morning. Not much time if you're looking to stake out one of the best spots to watch all the action. We met some people waiting all day today to make sure they can keep coveted spots, and they say it's worth the wait.

When Savannah's biggest parade of the year comes rolling by tomorrow, people camped out tonight will have front-row seats.

Savannahian Steve Moldenhauer's family and friends roped off their territory in Lafayette Square near the Cathedral early Thursday morning, and they're ready for the long haul.

"I won't give away all my good tips, but we've got the propane heaters because you never know what the weather's going to be like overnight, so we've got the propane heaters," said Moldenhauer. "We've got six bottles of propane, so that should probably last about an hour a piece so we've got about six hours of propane."

There'll be no sitting on the damp grass at this party, either. "We've got a couple of cots here for the kids to sleep on for later. We've got, of course, blankets and chairs and all that. We don't have food yet, but hopefully. I have to go home and cook."

Yes, it does take extra planning and work, but these families wouldn't have it any other way. "The payoff of being in a beautiful square like this," said Moldenhauer. "It's just so much nicer of an environment to watch the parade."

For some people, it's more than just staking out a good spot for the parade, it's also about tradition.

"We've been in Savannah for more than four generations and this is just a ritual every year," said Maggie Cliett. "It's a tradition to come. We never miss one."

You can still find a number of very good spots to watch the parade from, including right here on WTOC. We'll be bringing you the parade live. The parade steps off at 10:15am Friday morning.

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Reported by: Liz Flynn,

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