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Illegal Parking Leads to Tickets, Tows

Did you leave the parade this afternoon and come back to an empty parking spot? More than a few did. Tow truck drivers were busier this Saint Patrick's Day than in past years.

While crowds enjoyed a great parade and a beautiful day, Mark Scruggs was working. Towing cars.

"After about 9 o'clock, it started picking up and it's been crazy," he said.

Twelve companies have been working round the clock to move cars parked illegally along the parade route. "They are blocking the route for the floats and we have to make sure we have adequate clearance for the floats," said Sgt. Bobby Stewart from the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department.

He says officers attempt to contact the owner of the car first, but if the officers don't get in touch with them right away, they have the cars moved. "We go through the same process every year for the Saint Patrick's Day, and to me, I don't understand why people know what the route is but still park cars."

Not only will you have a $15 ticket to pay, but you'll also have to pay $90 to get car back from the tow lot. 

Officers say most of the cars parked illegally are from out of town.

"They probably didn't know the rules and regulations," said parade goer Alex Barbee. "Probably got towed and that isn't a good thing to come back to."

Because so many companies where out on the streets towing cars, everyone who had their car towed has to check in with the police to learn where their car is.

So far, the police department has ticketed over 40 cars that were parked illegally.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,

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