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Dog Shot by Police Officer

A young pit bull puppy, not even a year old, is at the animal hospital, shot three times by a police officer. Police say he felt threatened by the dog. It all began earlier in the week when residents in an eastside Savannah neighborhood say a dog was running around, attacking other dogs in the area.

According to a police report, Officer Ryan Bevel showed up at the house on Saturday to talk to Chad Oliver about his dog. But something went wrong.

"I don't understand why the cop, if he had seen my dog out in the yard, why didn't he call animal control before he approached my dog?" asked Oliver.

In the report, Bevel states he was going to knock on the door when he saw eight-month-old Chief lying in the driveway. He thought the dog was chained up, but as he got closer, Chief charged him. Bevel reacted.

"The dog was shot three times, and when animal control officials arrived on the scene, the dog was still aggressive," said Lt. Brenda Boulware of SCMPD Animal Control.

Which is something Oliver finds hard to believe. According to him, after the dog was shot, he ran into the neighbor's yard and retreated into a shed.

Oliver showed the scene. "Look at this, you can tell he ran around here trying to get away from him, he was tangled up here. He was petrified at this point. Look at the blood all over his collar."

Oliver says that he always keeps his dogs on chains, but this time his friend hooked up Chief's collar incorrectly. Chief was loose, but never left his yard.

"If something like this could happen and your dog gets off the chain and your dog gets shot like that, who's going to feel comfortable leaving their dog outside knowing that something like this could happen?" said Oliver.

"He's failing to take responsibility," said Lt. Boulware. "It's an unfortunate incident, but the truth of the matter is it should have been confined and this wouldn't have happened."

What makes this especially hard for Oliver to understand is that Chief isn't even the dog people complained about.

"His mom has caused all this heat in the neighborhood," said Oliver. "The first time my puppy gets off the chain, he's the one that suffers the consequences."

Oliver says his dog is in stable condition. One of the bullets shattered his jaw and another shattered bones in his leg. Oliver says once his eight-month-old puppy is home, it will now be an indoor dog.

Police will conduct an investigation in the incident, and the Oliver will have to go to a potentially dangerous dog hearing to determine what happens with Chief.

Reported by: Christy Hutchings,


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