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Coastal Empire Man Charged in Child Exploitation Case

William McCabe William McCabe

A Rincon man is facing an intense investigation by city, state and federal agents after his arrest yesterday on charges of sexual exploitation of children. The different agencies are getting involved because of who this is, and the fact they're not sure exactly what they're dealing with at this point.

One of the biggest pieces of evidence they're dealing with is the man's computer, and they're trying to figure out if it's isolated or a problem that stretches across state lines.

With the arrest Tuesday of 30-year-old William McCabe, parents around Rincon reacted they way you might imagine.

Joe Webb told us he was "very frightened, as a matter of fact."

"If it was my kid, sorry, he wouldn't make it to jail," said Diana Dowd.

"We hope and pray it's an isolated case," said Chief Mike Barton of the Rincon Police Department.  "We've never been that lucky in law enforcement, but we'll just have to wait and see."

Investigators say McCabe emailed explicit pictures and other material to an 11-year-old girl. Monday, police seized a computer from the apartment McCabe's girlfriend rents in Rincon, but he's not listed on the lease there.

Investigators admit that his work has them more worried right now, anyway. McCabe owns Savannah Metro Gymnastics and Cheerleading, where he's been entrusted with the care of dozens, if not hundreds, of children.

"We don't know how far reaching it may be, but he had an enormous amount of contact with children and that causes us a lot of concern," said Chief Barton.

Police and parents say the case is a good example of why parents need to keep close tabs on their kids.

"And to be so close to home, man, we got to keep our eyes open and stay involved with what our children are doing and where they are and who they're associating with," said Webb.

Chief Barton is asking parents of kids who may have had contact with McCabe to sit down and talk with them about the situation. If there's any reason to believe something inappropriate has gone on, please call the Rincon Police Department at 912.826.5200.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,

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