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Memorial Health Participates in Diabetes Testing

Diabetes is on the rise in both teens and adults. But today, doctors and nurses nationwide are trying to raise awareness of the disease by doing free glucose tests.

Today is Diabetes Alert Day, and nurses and doctors at Memorial Health took part by testing residents' blood sugars. With just a stick of the finger, technicians could measure the glucose in their blood and read the results right there.

A high reading could mean the onset of diabetes, something that doctors can get under control if caught early, which makes these screenings all that more important.

"One man today in particular was over 300 and had no idea he had diabetes," said Cathy Shriver, RN. "So it's an excellent screening tool just to go for further investigation if they are out of normal range."

Some of the symptoms of diabetes include frequent urination, excessive thirst, and blurred vision. If you have any of these symptoms, don't ignore them--go see your doctor right away to be tested.

Reported by: Melanie Ruberti,

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