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Community Spirit--Lana Savage and Keionna Holmes

Lana Savage (left) and Keionna Holmes Lana Savage (left) and Keionna Holmes

What would you do if you heard someone screaming outside your house at 6am? Most of us would call the police. Not very many would leave their homes to try to help.

Luckily, there are still people who get involved. It's what saved a teenage girl from a brutal attack last week.

Lana Savage and Keionna Holmes not only called for help, but they also went outside to stop the attack, help the victim and make sure the attacker didn't get away.

"A young lady was screaming at the top of her lungs," recalled Savage. "She was just screaming, 'Somebody help me.'"

Holmes looked out the window and saw a man beating a girl.

"I jumped out of the bed and I ran to the door," said Savage. "I screamed, 'Hey, get off of her, what are you doing?'"

"She was saying, 'He's trying to rape me,'" Holmes told us. "And I could tell, because he had his hand over her face and a bunch of scratches on her face."

"The young lady walked toward our house and he ran across the street," said Savage.

Savage called 911 again on her cell phone and followed the man in her car and cornered him in a lane. "I just parked and said, 'You are not coming out. I am not leaving until the police get here.'"

Within a few short minutes, police were there and arrested the suspect, Tower Polite.

"We had a citizen who went above and beyond what most would do and actually followed this guy," said Sgt. Mike Wilson with SCMPD. "We are crediting her vigilance for his capture."

"I feel like, if I had let him go, he would have done this to someone else," said Savage.

"I feel that we saved her," said Holmes. "I feel glad about that."

That's why Lana Savage and Keionna Holmes are part of the WTOC Community Spirit.

The victim did not require medical attention. Tower Polite remains behind bars charged with sexual assault and kidnapping.

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