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Tybee Island Beach Restoration Project

Tybee is relying on a multi-million dollar project to replenish the beach. Tybee is relying on a multi-million dollar project to replenish the beach.

The skies were blue and bright Saturday, which meant the beaches started getting crowded, including Tybee.

Tybee Island Mayor, Jason Buelterman, said, "Every year it seems people come out a little bit earlier to the beach."

That sentiment rang true with beach goer Ricky Sheffield and his family.

"Our daughter is on spring break, explained Sheffield, "so we decided to bring her down here to enjoy the pretty location, plus the beach is only twenty minutes from our house."

Others travelled hours to spend a day with their feet in the sand. Jacob Cunningham was on vacation in Atlanta from Indiana and decided to take a last minute trip.

In order for people to keep enjoying Tybee's beach, the city is relying on a three million dollar restoration project to replenish eroding sand. Tybee's also hoping for an additional 6.5 million dollars from the federal government to restore the beach.

Mayor Buelterman said, "If Tybee didn't have a wide beach, we wouldn't have all these people coming out. Therefore, we wouldn't have condos and hotels filled, as well as interesting shops to browse through."

The three million dollars needed for the restoration project is this year's state budget, waiting to be signed by Governor Perdue.

Mayor Buelterman hopes to have the funding by the end of the summer so work can begin in the fall.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley, bkelley@wtoc.com

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