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Oregon Chocolate Manufacturer Recalls Organic Candy for High Levels of Lead

The Georgia Department of Agriculture has issued the following:

Dagoba Organic Chocolate manufacturer of Ashland, Oregon, is issuing a recall for six types of candy due to high levels of lead contained in the product. The recall is a precautionary measure against any health risks associated with lead poisoning.

“This chocolate may pose a threat to consumers due to the high levels of lead, and we want to take every step possible to ensure the safety of Georgia consumers,” says Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin. “I encourage any concerned Georgians to return the product to the point of sale for a refund.”

The products were sold through resale and wholesale vendors specializing in health foods throughout the country, as well as via internet websites. Inspectors have been instructed to check all retail outlets for the implicated products, and to place any found items on hold for pickup by the distributor, or to arrange for voluntary destruction by the seller.

The specific bars in the implicated lot are: “Dagoba Organic Eclipse 87% Extra Dark,” 2 oz bar, with the lot codes 20061122, 20061130, 20061201, 20061206, 20061213, 20061214, 20061219, 20061227, 20070103, 20070116, 20070130, 20070213, 20070220, 20070227, 20070306, 20070313; “Dagoba Organic Los Rios 68% - Ecuador Arriba,” 2 oz bar with the lot codes 20070213, 20070223, 20070323; Dagoba Organic Prima Materia 100% - Ecuador Arriba, 2 lb brick, with the lot code 20070109; “Dagoba Organic Los Rios Choco Drops 68% - Ecuador Arriba Nacional,” 5 lb foil bag with the lot code 20070222; “Dagoba Organic Los Rios 68% - Ecuador Arriba Nacional” 25 lb bag with the lot code 310240498; and the “Dagoba Organic "Eclipse Broken Bars" Forest Grown Organic Extra Dark Chocolate,” 1.5 lb bulk bags, all lot codes.

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