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Meth a Hot Topic at Law Enforcement Conference

This morning, the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement met for its annual training conference in Pooler to discuss a number of issues, including the methamphetamine problem.

The purpose of the training is to allow law enforcement to keep up to date with issues and to learn from each other's mistakes. But it's also to allow participants to network with other people, who are sometimes being confronted with the same problems,  such as the meth issue.

"Meth labs are a big deal now," said Col. McArthur Holmes with the Chatham County Sheriff's Department. "There's a lot of dangers associated with meth labs that were learning about today, to make sure when we gat a call about a meth lab we can take the precautions needed in order to deal with the cases."

Seven of the 12 states in the region were represented at today's conference.

Reported by: Christy Hutchings,


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