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Chatham County Students to Start Later Next Year

It's a plan to change the calendar for students and save the Chatham County school system time and money. The school board voted to switch the start date for school from mid-August to after Labor Day yesterday. Members say the move means students won't be in class during the heat of August, saving money on air conditioning bills.

Officials also say some students didn't even show up until after Labor Day because of family vacations.

Parents with whom we spoke like the change. "They are under a lot of pressure," said Beth Boddiford. "It gives them the extra freedom so they can enjoy the summer a little bit longer."

"Why not have some fun?" asked Susan Halpert. "You are in school for so long."

The school year won't be any shorter. Students will now be in class until early June. The switch goes into effect for 2007-08 school year.

Reported by: Andrew Davis,

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